Posted by: Norman Brook | November 13, 2012

Training the Triathlon Trainers in Asia

Norman Brook conducted another successful “train the trainers” workshop for the International Triathlon Union as part of their education programmes aimed at raising the standards of coaches and technical officials around the world.

The sixth such course delivered for the International Triathlon Union (ITU) was delivered in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia, with the Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC).  Brook worked with ITU staff members Thanos Nikopoulos and Zita Csovelyak to train nine senior coaches and technical officials in the facilitation of learning and development for triathlon coaches and technical offials.

Participants at the ITU/ASTC Facilitators Workshop held in Kuala Lumpur 2012

The three day workshop challenges potential ITU coach and technical official’s educators to examine their teaching styles and methods.  Worshop participant, Rachel Ribo (Phillipines) wrote “Tthank you so much for everything you shared with us these past couple of days.  It may be tough for most of us (since the model you taught would definitely require us to make some adjustments to what we have been used to doing), but we did have some fun in learning new ways, which we believe will help us in our future assignments, whether as facilitators or simply as technical officials.”


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